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Q8Oils offers the full range of agricultural lubricants, such as gear and transmission oils, and these are applicable to all major vehicle manufacturers.

Continual development of these oils is in response to customer demand and original equipment manufacturers’ needs and there is a strong focus on bio degradable and environmentally friendly lubricants.

Q8Oils aims to protect vital components to increase reliability, whilst helping to improve fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions.

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To ensure greater protection and the best solution for your vehicle, Q8Oils offers an Oil Analysis Service, which is available online.

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The products and OEM approvals are divided into the following categories:


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Kuwait Petroleum International

Kuwait Petroleum International, known by the Q8 brand, refines and markets fuel, lubricants and other petroleum derivatives outside Kuwait. Its main activities are focused on Europe and the Far East.



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Our mission is to develop products that will exceed the highest performance requirements, whilst  fulfilling our customers every need and meeting our responsibility to protect the environment.



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Quickly find out what type of oil you need for your car or other automotive application. The recommended oil meets the highest standards, may reduce fuel consumption and extend the life of your vehicle.



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