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The automotive market is changing at a rapid pace, where a wide variety of different applications require specific products and solutions.

Universal Oil Cabin to service the entire car park

The car market is evolving, taking into account the evolution in EURO-norms, continuous OEM innovations and new emission standards and legislations.

These three drivers have a large impact on the lubricants industry, considering that the introduction of new high-tech after treatment systems require a very broad range of different “LOW SAPS” engine oils if we want to comply with engine specifications.

History of Emission Standars Europe
Emission Standards - Click to Enlarge
ACEA - Click to enlarge

Your 6 benefits while using the Oil Cabin :

  1. Always in line with the latest market evolutions
  2. Cover the entire car park for 100%
  3. Clear product recommendation
  4. In line with environmental legislation, the Oil Cabin includes a sump tray
  5. Neat and professional image in the workshop
  6. Always able to service a wide range of applications

The Oil Cabin will enable you to keep an efficient storage of your product range and it will allow you to always service the car in the right way.

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