Q8 Oils

Metal Removal & Forming oils



Q8Oils offers a comprehensive range of neat and soluble oils for almost every type of metal manufacturing application in every industrial sector.


These high performance lubricants meet modern industry standards and provide customers with improved performance, environmental compliance and cost savings to improve productivity.


The metal manufacturing range is suitable for all applications from machining, press working, forming, drawing and rolling in all metals from steel to aerospace alloys.


  • Q8 Beethoven: soluble fluids that contain chlorine, or are chlorine free, depending on the grade.
  • Q8 Baroni: soluble fluids without chlorinated paraffin.

  • Q8 Berlioz:  soluble fluids that are free from formaldehyde, chlorine and secondary amine.

  • Q8 Bach: neat metal working oils.

  • Q8 Brahms: neat forming oils.

  • Q8 Brunel: soluble fluid free from boron, boric acid, formaldehyde, chlorine and secondary amines.

Q8Oils blends its own high quality base oils with carefully chosen additives and only approves the finished product after a period of intensive testing under the most extreme operating conditions.


Q8Oils has a proven track record in this sector; machinery that uses our products can expect a long and trouble free life.


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