Q8 Brunel XF 470

Exteme performance ester based water soluble cutting fluid for heavy duty aluminium and aluminium-alloys machining

Oil Type

Water soluble cutting fluids


Removal (Metalworking)


Q8 Brunel XF 470 is an advanced ester based water soluble cutting fluid for heavy duty aluminium and aluminium-alloys machining. It forms a semi-translucent emulsion when mixed with water and it is very low foaming and tramp oil rejecting. Q8 Brunel XF 470 has an excellent chemical- and biological stability and offers a high detergency and advanced cleanliness. Its high ester content makes the fluid highly polar to surfaces, providing a very high lubricity that substantially increases tool life and surface finish. Q8 Brunel XF 470 is free from boron, boric acid, formaldehyde, chlorine, secondary amine and is TRGS 611 compliant. It has an advanced safety profile and extreme low foam characteristics.


Q8 Brunel XF 470 is recommended for all heavy duty machining applications on aluminium and aluminium alloys. The product can easily cut and grind machine steel, stainless steel, titanium, Inconel and high silicon steel alloys. It is a multi application product for various materials and suitable for use in soft and hard waters.


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Health, safety & environment

Q8 Brunel XF 470 is free of added formaldehyde, chlorine, boron, boric acid and secondary amines. It is compliant with the TRGS 611 specification. This ensures environmental safety & operator health. Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for instructions regarding safe handling and environmental issues.

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