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Q8 Degreasing Fluid B

Non-emulsifiable degreasing fluid

Oil Type


Available Packaging

208 L

208 L


Automotive assembly

Chemical industry



Metal industries maintenance

Mining & cement industry

Paper industry

Power generation

Textile industry

Wood industry

Industrial maintenance


Q8 Degreasing Fluid B is an advanced degreaser. Thanks to its high flash point (105°C) and low volatility, this odourless fluid is safer in use compared to other industrial degreasers. Q8 Degreasing Fluid B has a good biodegradability (according to the OECD 301 D closed bottle test) and limits corrosion of copper and ferrous metals. The degreaser is not emulsifiable with water.


Q8 Degreasing Fluid B is used to remove oil and grease of machinery, vehicles and workshop floors. It can be applied by spraying, brushing or mopping.


Effortless and safe application for operators

Inherently biodegradable


High flash point

Low evaporation

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