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Roloil Estin 46 S

Fire resistant hydraulic fluid

Oil Type

Hydraulic fluids

Available Packaging

208 L

208 L




Industrial maintenance

Metal industries maintenance


Estin 46_S is fully synthetic fluid formulated with organic esters and specifically selected additives. This fluid is characterized by high flash and combustion points and has specific properties to avoid a violent and explosive ignition when they come into contact with flames or hot metal surfaces. The resistance towards combustion is so extremely high allowing Estin 46_S to meet the severe tests FTM 6052 and FTM 352 from the 7th Report of Luxembourg.


Estin 46_S is suitable for hydraulic systems specifically used in steel industry, continuous casting machines, finishing rolling mills etc. and everywhere in presence of flames.


Effortless and safe application for operators

Extremely high flash point

Readily biodegradable

Improves the durability of the equipment thanks to its characteristics

Excellently high viscosity index

Exceptional thermal durability

Outstandingly recommended in combination with versatile materials

Specifications & approvals


Type 36 0.151166.E


Approval Standard 6930


6743-4 HFDU

Less specifications


Metals and elastomers compatibility: in particular these fluids are compatible with Viton,Teflon, Buna N, Neoprene, Polyurethane.

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