How Q8Oils is Contributing to a Sustainable Future – 6

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UN sustainable development goals

At Q8Oils Blending Plant in Antwerp we apply rigorous health, safety, social and environmental management systems to minimise the impact of our operations on the local environment, including the River Schelde which runs alongside the plant and flows into the North Sea.

The Blending Plant is located in the industrial Blue Gate area of Antwerp, an area historically contaminated by pipelines and mineral oil seepage. A major redevelopment programme was launched in 2012 and phase 1 is complete following the removal or remediation of 300,000 tonnes of polluted soil. Via Blue Gate, Q8Oils is involved in ongoing infrastructure improvement works which include the purification of canals on the site, most recently the Leigracht canal.

Our employees at the Blending Plant are keen to help protect the local waters on a personal level. Some of our team volunteered in their free time to join a clean-up operation to remove litter from the surrounding area to prevent contamination to the river Schelde and the sea beyond. Plastic coffee cups at the plant have also been replaced by 100% compostable cups to prevent plastic pollution to the river and sea.

UN sustainable development