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Q8Oils offers a comprehensive range of mould release agents, which includes high quality products based on high quality mineral oils and non mineral base fluids suitable for a variety of applications, such as precast concrete, aerated concrete, asphalt, fibre cement and tiles.

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Operational reliability

At Q8Oils we understand that it is important to choose the most appropriate mould release agent depending on the mould and the material. Therefore we offer a range of products to suit the application and conditions resulting in a high quality finish without leaving a problem on the mould so it can be used again and again with ease.

Health, Safety and Environment

Developing demoulding products with an advanced safety profile to stay ahead of the human, chemical and environmental legislation. Clear, odourless, with a high flash point and low volatility, they are safer to use and less harmful to the environment. You can expect outstanding performance too.

Tailormade solutions

Every manufacturer and client has individual needs. Our business consultants propose the most appropriate solution based on your business requirements. With many years of experience in demoulding oils, our consultants have the in depth knowledge and expertise needed to help you achieve your objectives.

Our Demoulding Oils

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For expert advice on product applications, specifications, safety requirements and more, contact Q8Oils’ technical service, Palub.


Our Q8Oils Routine Analysis Service (QRAS) gives you a detailed and reliable report on the condition of your oil.

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