Tailormade Solutions

Q8Oils offers a comprehensive range of mould release and anti-stick agents; Q8 da Vinci, Q8 Cemol, Q8 Dali, Q8 Dalton, Q8 Dino. This range is growing continuously covering general moulding applications but moreover adapted to individual manufacturing requirements.

Q8 Da Vinci

Q8 Da Vinci mould release agents are more effective than traditional barrier release agents.The active mould release agents work by the process of a chemical reaction between the release agent and the concrete to create a thin film to prevent adhesion. This results in little or no residue left on the mould resulting in a cleaner process. The range also includes friction modifier type agents which create a more uniform barrier between the mould and the concrete.

Q8 Dalton

Q8 Dalton mould release agents tailor made for aerated concrete(AAC). It comes with different viscosities in order to offer different spraying and adhesion properties. Q8 Dalton agents has chemically active components and low frictional properties of the oil form an excellent separating layer between concrete cake and mould. Almost no concrete remains are left in the mould which prevents additional cleaning.

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Products with high-quality finish avoiding problems on the mould in order to use the mould at ease continuously.