General Industry

Q8Oils offers a selective range of excellent industrial lubricants. As the number one choice of leading manufacturers around the world, these lubricants excel at protecting vital components, ensuring a smooth operation and extending the life of valuable machinery.

General Industry Product Segments

Hydraulic Fluids icon - Q8Oils

Hydraulic Oils

  • High pressure resistant.
  • High and low temperature resistant.
  • Prevents wear.
  • Extensive range with wide choice of qualities and viscosity classes.
  • Low environmental impact.
Circulating Oils Icon - Q8Oils

Circulating Oils

  • Multi-purpose.
  • Ensures excellent lubrication in paper and/or steel mills.
  • Outstanding water separation.
  • Eliminate stick-slip effect.
  • Reduces friction.
Industrial Gear Oil Icon -Q8Oils

Industrial Gear Oils

  • Ensures increased energy output in even the smallest gear boxes.
  • Outstanding anti-wear properties.
  • Excellent low temperature fluidity.
  • Stable high temperature viscosity.
Chain Oils Icon - Q8Oils

Chain Oils

  • High protection and productivity.
  • Specially formulated anti-wear chemistry and base fluid.
  • Minimizes deposit Formation.
  • Excellent lubrication and anti-corrosion properties.
Greases Icon - Q8Oils


  • High and low temperature resistant.
  • Water resistant.
  • Good biodegradability.
  • Suited for food sector.
  • Compatible with aggressive substances.
  • Ensures low friction
Degreasers Icon - Q8Oils


  • Cleans machines and floors which are contaminated with oil or grease.
  • High flash point.
  • Good biodegradability.
  • Safe for use in any surrounding.
Pneumatic Oils - Q8Oils

Pneumatic Oils

  • Ensures outstanding protection against wear, rust and corrosion.
  • Excellent icing prevention.
  • High resistance against the washing effect of water.
Demoulding Oils Icon - Q8Oils

Demoulding Oils

  • Designed to react chemically at the mould interface.
  • Excellent release characteristics and surface finish.
  • Suitable for absorbent and non-absorbent mould surfaces.
Bio lubricants - Q8Oils

Bio Lubricants

  • For use in agriculture, water and forest areas.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Avoids the contamination of water, vegetation and soil.
  • Versatile range for the protection of our environment.
Food Grade - Q8OIls

Food Grade

  • Designed for the lubrication of machine parts in the food sector.
  • Based on special formulations giving high performance and food grade safety.
Heat Transfer Oils - Q8Oils

Heat Transfer Oils

  • Designed use in heat transfer systems with oil temperatures up to 330°C.
  • Low carbon deposition tendency, ensuring cleaner systems.
  • High heater capacities depending on system design and oil flow pattern.
Transformer Oils - Q8Oils

Transformer Oils

  • High oxidation resistance.
  • High dielectric strength.
  • Low dissipation factor.
  • Good thermal conductivity.