Soluble Cutting Fluids

Q8 Brunel and Q8 Berlioz, our technologically advanced ranges of cutting fluids, are fully compliant with the latest legislation and have been designed for all types of metal machining and precision engineering applications. These fluids provide an outstanding surface finish, while helping to increase tool life and reduce operating costs.

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High performance and quality

Our Q8 Brunel and Q8 Berlioz ranges offer a solution for every modern machining application. These innovative products meet the ever-increasing demands of advanced materials, fast cutting speeds and high fluid pressures with exceptional stability and excellent wetting and detergency characteristics.

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Cost saving

Our fluids combine high lubricity with biological and chemical stability to increase sump life and retain tool sharpness, which means lower operating costs. Formulated with the most advanced additive technology, they are resistant to microbial contamination from bacteria and fungi, which extends fluid life and creates a healthier working environment.

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Outstanding safety and environmental credentials

Our extensive range of metalworking fluids ensures a suitable product for every application, however we also pride ourselves in ensuring that our products are fully compliant with global environmental and chemical legislation. Thousands of hours are invested in product development to ensure the optimum balance of product performance without compromising high standards of safety for operators and minimising our impact on the environment.

Our Expert

Marc Polfliet - Q8oils

Marc Polfliet

Marc has been working for Q8Oils since 1991 and knows all about Cold Rolling Oils, Forming Oils and Neat Removal Metalworking fluids. He is also familiar with products for Anti-corrosion, Wire Drawing, Water Soluble Removal Metalworking fluids and Quenching.