Fluid Management

Choosing the correct metalworking fluid with the right balance of safety and performance is an important step in improving productivity and protecting employees.

It is important to appreciate that the composition of a metalworking fluid changes in use. Changes include both chemical deterioration and contamination, such as tramp oil, and also microbiological contamination.

It is therefore crucial to monitor MWFs to maximise product performance and meet health and safety requirements. A full fluid condition monitoring programme is the best way to achieve this.

Q8Oils can advise you on the best way to set up an efficient fluid monitoring programme. This will help minimise unscheduled maintenance, increase coolant life and optimise performance, resulting in improved productivity and reduced machine downtime.

Fluid M8

Our experts use Fluid M8 to monitor fluids, complete audits and deliver the results while still on site. They can assist you in identifying any problems and help to correct them.

Fluid M8 is a user-friendly, fully automated system that uses graphical charts and reports to show the full history of each metalworking fluid system. When the checks are completed, a report shows the current condition of the fluid in each machine. Results are displayed using a simple traffic light system: green (fluid within acceptable parameters), amber (caution – further monitoring and possible action is needed) and red (action required).

You can log on to Fluid M8 using your own smart phone, tablet or desktop computer and view a full historical report at any time and share it with colleagues.