Food Grades

Q8Oils offers a food grade range of oils and greases for the lubrication of equipment where there is potential risk for incidental food contact. These products are based on special formulations that give both high performance and food grade safety.

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Health and Safety - General Industry - Q8Oils

Health, Safety and Environment

A product range formulated using special components permitted by FDA CFR 21 and are approved by NSF as category H1 food grade lubricant for having incidental contact with food.

Complete Porduct Range - General Industry - Q8Oils

Complete maintenance range

Q8Oils offers a comprehensive range of high-quality greases and oils for equipment that potentially could be exposed to food. Q8 Rossini HMG are multigrade synthetic fluids that supply both high ; wide temperature range/ extreme temperature performance and food grade purity.

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Q8Oils is a large company, but big does not mean impersonal. We speak your language and develop products with your needs in mind. We work hard to create a close bond with all our customers, big or small.

Q8Oils' Services

Palub Q8Oils technical support


For expert advice on product applications, specifications, safety requirements and more, contact Q8Oils’ technical service, Palub.

QRAS oil analysis


Our Q8Oils Routine Analysis Service (QRAS) gives you a detailed and reliable report on the condition of your oil.

Our Expert

Q8Oils Joris Leyers

Joris Leyers

Joris is expert in Hydraulic Oils, Industrial Gear Oils, Greases, and Circulating Oils. He has knowlegde of the paper mill industry and an interest in vintage Vespa scooters. Joris has been working for Q8Oils since 2003.