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Q8 Rossini HMG 32

Superior food grade synthetic hydraulic fluid

Oil Type

Food grade

Available Packaging

On request


Industrial maintenance

Industrial maintenance


The superior Q8 Rossini HMG 32 is perfect for usage in the food industry where fluids may come in contact with food. Its advanced filterability and demulsibility makes this lubricant reliable for sensitive hydraulic servo systems that demand a clean working environment. The Q8 Rossini HMG 32 has an exceptional thermal and oxidation stability, which leads to an extended lubricant life time.


It is used in applications were NSF-H1 lubricants are required. The Q8 Rossini HMG 32 is perfect hydraulic systems used in the pharmaceutical and food industry like beverage production and packaging.

Specifications & approvals


51524-3 HVLP


11158 HV


11158 HV

Less specifications

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