Neat Cutting Oils

Q8 Bach is a range of extreme performance neat cutting and grinding fluids ideally suited to all types of machine shop operations, from light cuts to the most demanding heavy-duty applications. The versatile range offers a choice of different viscosities and base fluids, from mineral oil to ester-based, which deliver the highest environmental performance.

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High performance

Q8 Bach mineral oil-based cutting fluids provide powerful lubricity and incorporate extreme pressure additives. Anti-mist properties minimise the generation of potentially harmful mist and protect employees’ health. The range includes products based on synthetic base oils which deliver high oxidation stability that result in longer fluid change cycles and cleaner machines.


Q8 Bach XNRG bio-lubricants

Developed using the latest generation of additive technology, the Q8 Bach XNRG range outperforms traditional mineral oil-based lubricants and minimises impact on the environment. It delivers superior non-active performance, creates a healthier working environment and is suitable for a broad range of metalworking applications.

Q8 Bach7000 - Q8Oils

Q8 Bach 7000 – super-refined low volatility

Based on the latest technology of high purity synthesised base oils, our new Q8 Bach 7000 cutting and grinding fluids are totally free from polycyclic aromatic compounds, resulting in an advanced safety profile. Low volatility also means a safer working environment, as well as lower consumption.

Our Expert

Marc Polfliet - Q8oils

Marc Polfliet

Marc has been working for Q8Oils since 1991 and knows all about Cold Rolling Oils, Forming Oils and Neat Removal Metalworking fluids. He is also familiar with products for Anti-corrosion, Wire Drawing, Water Soluble Removal Metalworking fluids and Quenching.