Anti Corrosion Fluids

Q8 Ravel is a superior range of high-performing corrosion protection fluids for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Suitable for all applications and working conditions, they have an advanced safety profile and are fully compliant with the latest legislation.

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Outstanding performance

Based on the latest additive technology, Q8 Ravel fluids offer excellent corrosion protection and demonstrate outstanding results in laboratory testing. These fluids and are easy to apply by brushing or spraying and provide good water separation when applied by dipping.

Effective corrosion protection that saves costs

Even the smallest amount of corrosion can result in additional maintenance and repairs, which has a significant impact on costs. Q8 Ravel provides exceptional long-term anti-corrosion protection, for a minimum of 12 months, and saves costs by extending tool and machine life.

Advanced additive technology

The Q8 Ravel range offers a choice of solvent and oil-based fluids, each developed using the newest additive technology. The corrosion protection characteristics have been extensively tested and verified in laboratory testing.