Our Sustainability Commitment

At Q8, sustainability is embedded in our DNA.
Our goal is to use our natural resources responsibly, provide cleaner products and greener services, and reduce our carbon footprint targeting Net Zero by 2050.
All our sustainability initiatives are about delivering sustainable energy and mobility solutions and creating shared value for people and the planet through enabling the energy transition, enhancing people’s lives, and pioneering new ways of doing business.”
Kuwait Petroleum International

Q8Oils, Lubrication Solutions that minimise the footprint while maximising the handprint

At Q8Oils, we are as dedicated to leading the way in environmental responsibility, as we are to delivering high-quality lubricants. For years we have been dedicated to minimising our environmental impact through sustainable practices in our operations, while also supporting our customers to reduce their footprint as well.

We have set forth a comprehensive and ambitious sustainability program with a convincing performance in terms of environment, society and governance (ESG). From reducing our carbon footprint to minimising waste and maximising handprint*, we continuously strive to protect and preserve the planet for future generations.
We Take Care.

* The (carbon) handprint is the sum of the avoided emissions in the use phase of lubricants 


Protecting the environment – Climate adaptation – Circular economy


Diversity and equality – Human rights – Health and safety


Board diversity  – Management structure in the extended value chain – Equal pay

Product Carbon Footprint

The product carbon footprint (PCF) value for lubricants represents the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions associated with the raw materials, upstream transport and production of the lubricant product. At Q8Oils, we have all these values available on all our products.

PCF Tool

With our PCF (Product Carbon Footprint) tool* Q8Oils wants to ensure full transparency. This innovative tool is at the forefront of our sustainability initiatives, allowing us to provide transparency to our customers. By integrating the PCF value of every product on our Product Data Sheet and our product pages, you can effortlessly access information about the carbon footprint of each item. Our commitment to product innovation is ingrained in the very fabric of this tool, as we continuously strive to minimise our footprint while maximising our handprint on the planet. We Take Care.

Take the first step towards informed decision-making by exploring our products’ environmental impact with our PCF tool. For more details, please refer to our disclaimer.

Our goal is to minimise our footprint through innovation on every component that impacts this footprint.

“Product innovation is the key element to minimising footprint and maximising handprint” 

– Joris VDL, Technology Manager

Handprint, our positive impact.

Handprint refers to the positive environmental impact created by actions, initiatives, or projects. It represents the beneficial outcomes that contribute to sustainability and environmental well-being. The carbon handprint are the avoided emissions in the use phase of lubricants, like the reduction of energy consumption or friction.

We are committed to maximising our handprint through various sustainability efforts. We continuously work on further handprint improvements through innovation.

We Take Care.

Q8Oils can support with calculating the handprint. Please reach out to [email protected]

Sustainability beyond our products

Our lubricants with its foot- and handprint is part of sustainability, but also goes beyond it. It is our social responsibility to do better and find meaningful partnerships.

Social Responibility

At Q8Oils, social responsibility is a core value. Our BeWell program is central to our efforts to promote the well-being of our employees. We offer a range of health-promoting initiatives, including preventive medical check-ups, wellness campaigns, and training for physical and mental health.

Additionally, we are committed to a more sustainable future through tree planting and active participation in initiatives such as World Cleanup Day. In this way, we contribute to improving the livability of our planet and creating cleaner and healthier communities.


Partnerships are vital for advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), emphasising the importance of cooperation. Working with suppliers to develop sustainable packaging solutions and collaborating with industry associations like the Union of the European Lubricants Industry (UEIL) are key examples. Through these partnerships, collective action is taken to achieve SDG targets, such as reducing environmental impact and promoting responsible practices within the industry, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Sustainability Rating

We are pleased to share that Q8Oils received a Silver EcoVadis rating, recognising our dedication to responsible business practices. This acknowledgment underscores our commitment to integrating sustainability into our operations and upholding ethical standards. The rating reflects the collective efforts of our team to foster positive impacts across environmental, social, and governance aspects.

As we continue forward, we remain focused on furthering our sustainability initiatives and contributing to a more responsible and equitable future.