Cold Rolling Oils

Our Q8 Bach R range of cold rolling oils delivers high performance in both low and high-speed cold rolling mills and is ideal for the manufacture of ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metal, including stainless steel, copper and copper alloys.

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Outstanding performance

Q8 Bach cold rolling oils are designed to meet the demands of ever-faster processing speeds and increasingly stringent surface finish and quality requirements. Based on the latest lubricity and extreme pressure technology, they deliver excellent lubrication which improves surface quality and reduces friction, resulting in lower energy consumption and higher productivity.

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Lubricants tailored to your needs

The wide variety of metals, rolling conditions and environmental considerations mean that manufacturers often have very specific requirements of a cold rolling oil. Working closely with our customers, we can adjust the composition of these fluids to provide a tailor-made lubricant that meets individual needs and optimises performance.

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Advanced health and safety profile

Our cold rolling oils have been developed to stay a step ahead of the increasing demands of human, chemical and environmental legislation. For example, our new generation range – Q8 Bach RSD – has a higher flash point combined with the latest technology of high purity synthesised base oils and delivers an advanced safety profile, lower emissions and better air quality.

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André Volkers

André has been working for Q8Oils since 2010, is an expert in Cold Rolling and has a background in chemistry.André has been working for Q8Oils since 2010, is an expert in Cold Rolling and has a background in chemistry.