Support from Q8Oils Experts

Our highly experienced experts will help you get the most out of our metalworking fluids. They can offer guidance on the best product for your application and how to work safely and in compliance with legislation. They work with you to increase the life of your tooling and machinery, to reduce maintenance costs and ultimately increase profitability.

Technical Help Desk

Whatever your problem or query, our expert team is there to provide support to you. Our technical experts can recommend the best product for your application, verify OEM approval of our products, provide product information, give guidance on health and safety – and much more.

Training Seminars

We offer a range of training seminars, each run by an experienced Q8Oils technical specialist, to help you work safely and efficiently with metalworking fluids. Training can be catered to your individual needs and delivered on site.

Our current seminars include:

  • Introduction to MWFs
    This seminar gives a detailed explanation of metalworking fluids and the different types of
    fluid available. It covers applications, fluid selection and legislation.
  • Guide to working safely with MWFs
    This outlines the risks associated with exposure to MWFs and the latest legislation. It also
    offers guidance on fluid management and machine cleanout.
  • Q8Oils equipment solutions
    This provides advice and guidance on how choosing the right equipment associated with
    MWFs can help improve efficiency, lower costs and improve working conditions.

Q8Oils Articles

Our Articles are regularly updated to keep you in touch with the latest developments in the industry. Our technical experts share their knowledge with you and offer advice. You can also find out about new Q8Oils products that could benefit you.