Lubricants tailored to your needs

Q8Oils scientists draw on state-of-the-art equipment and their long experience and expertise to develop custom-made solutions for every customer challenge.

Tailor-made solutions

Q8Oils offers an extensive choice of cold rolling oils, but we know that manufacturers’ requirements vary widely, depending on the type of metal used, rolling conditions and work environment. As a result, we frequently formulate products tailored to customers’ specific needs to deliver the best performance. Expectations of metalworking fluids have risen considerably in recent years. Environmental legislation is increasingly stringent, and manufacturers are keen to reduce emissions. There is growing demand for a higher quality surface finish of the metal strip and for faster processing speeds to achieve higher production rates. Q8Oils cold rolling specialists work closely with customers to support these changing demands and offer proactive solutions.

Q8 Routine Analysis Service (QRAS)

It is important to monitor rolling oils regularly to ensure that they remain within set performance requirements.

Poor oil quality can be an early indicator of filtration problems or hydraulic leakage. Inadequate filtration poses a real threat; rolling oils are continuously re-used and filtration is essential to remove metal particles. If an excessive volume of particles remain in the oil, the surface quality can be harmed.

This type of problem can be discovered quickly through regular oil analysis. Q8Oils offers our cold rolling oil customers an analysis service as standard and advises appropriate corrective action. This reflects our philosophy of going far beyond being a lubricant supplier and working in partnership with our customers.

Continuous development

Our scientists constantly improve our lubricants to achieve higher quality, stability and durability.

Our latest generation of lubricants, Q8 Bach RSD, is increasingly based on synthetic components rather than pure mineral oils and we have optimised the chemical additive package to enhance quality and performance. There are many different lubrication activities during rolling and the same fluid is often used to lubricate the bearings. We therefore use a variety of additive technologies for optimal lubrication.

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Outstanding performance

Q8 Bach cold rolling oils are designed to meet the demands of ever-faster processing speeds and increasingly stringent surface finish and quality requirements. Based on the latest lubricity and extreme pressure technology, they deliver excellent lubrication which improves surface quality and reduces friction, resulting in lower energy consumption and higher productivity.

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Advanced health and safety profile

Our cold rolling oils have been developed to stay a step ahead of the increasing demands of human, chemical and environmental legislation. For example, our new generation range – Q8 Bach RSD – has a higher flash point combined with the latest technology of high purity synthesised base oils and delivers an advanced safety profile, lower emissions and better air quality.