Equipment Solutions

Q8Oils can recommend, assist and supply equipment suitable for monitoring and maintaining metalworking fluids, from mixer units to fluid recycling systems.

Equipment requirements are often overlooked, which can be counter-productive to the safe use of metalworking fluids. Correctly selected equipment can bring significant benefits to your process, by reducing costs and waste generation. Smart equipment solutions also provide a safer working environment and go hand in hand with manufacturers working to implement effective environmental management systems such as ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Q8Oils provides a range of equipment to minimise waste and reduce energy consumption. Although an initial investment is required, over time this is far outweighed by the economic and environmental benefits. Examples of the equipment we supply include:

  • Skimmer – removes tramp oil in machine coolant systems
  • Vacuum equipment – removes and regenerates metalworking fluids from machine tool sump systems
  • Mixer unit – easily and accurately dispenses metalworking fluids and includes built-in backflow prevention
  • Fluid recycling system – returns any lost fluid from the swarf bin to the main syste
  • Filtration system – removes debris in the metalworking fluid without interrupting production

To find out more about the range of equipment offered by Q8Oils contact on [email protected]