Q8 Bach XNRG bio-lubricants

Extreme performance and environmentally focused

The European Union is committed to reducing the use of mineral oils and is championing the development of bio-based products, which use natural resources more efficiently and provide other environmental benefits.

The European Committee for Standardization (CEN), which is responsible for developing and defining standards at European level, has published a standard (EN 16807) which specifies when a lubricant can be defined as a bio-lubricant. It sets out minimum requirements for all types of bio-lubricants and recommends related standards for biodegradability and product functionality.

Q8Oils’ outstanding range of bio-lubricants – Q8 Bach XNRG – have been developed to exceed the EN 16807 standard. Experts in our Q8 Research laboratory have replaced the commonly used mineral oils with synthetic esters to create Q8 Bach XNRG.

Formulated using natural and renewable materials, these high-quality biodegradable lubricants outperform conventional mineral oil-based cutting fluids. They deliver excellent cutting performance across all applications with minimal impact on the environment and help protect employees’ health.

The many benefits of Q8 Bach XNRG lubricants include:

  • biodegradable and based on recyclable materials
  • non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • higher lubricity performance
  • superior film strength
  • excellent temperature viscosity relation
  • high flash point
  • low volatility and reduced oil mist generation; oil mist can be inhaled by employees and poses a potential health risk

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High performance

Q8 Bach mineral oil-based cutting fluids provide powerful lubricity and incorporate extreme pressure additives. Anti-mist properties minimise the generation of potentially harmful mist and protect employees’ health. The range includes products based on synthetic base oils which deliver high oxidation stability that result in longer fluid change cycles and cleaner machines.

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Based on the latest technology of high purity synthesised base oils, our new Q8 Bach 7000 cutting and grinding fluids are totally free from polycyclic aromatic compounds, resulting in an advanced safety profile. Low volatility also means a safer working environment, as well as lower consumption.