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Q8 Bach XNRG 15

Extreme performance neat cutting oil

Oil Type

Neat cutting fluids

Available Packaging

On request


Removal (Metalworking)


Q8 Bach XNRG 15 is based on renewable esters which are readily biodegradable. Formulated as non-active neat cutting fluid, free from chlorine and suitable for the machining of a wide range of materials. These include cast iron, carbon steel, high alloy steels, stainless steel, heat resistant alloys, aluminium, copper and copper alloys. This synthetic product has a high flash point in comparison to mineral oil based products, which in combination with low foaming and the selected extreme performance additives, results in a human exposure friendly product with an extreme good oxidation stability.


Mainly drilling and deep hole drilling, but other applications including severe operations and high load properties as well. The extreme long tool life and surface finish reduces manufacturing costs and number of re-works.

Sustainability info

The product Carbon Footprint (PCF), cradle-to-gate (Q8Oils state of the art facility in Belgium), of Q8 Bach XNRG 15 is 2.09 kg CO2eq / kg. Please contact Q8Oils to learn more about the positive environmental impact, the handprint, of this product. For more info check here


Meets requirements for cooling oils for KAPP NILES grinding machines with hydrostatic bearings (except Machine types KX160/260 Twin/S/HS). . Please contact your Q8Oils representative for further advice and support on your specific application and equipment.

Health, safety & environment

Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for instructions regarding safe handling and environmental issues.

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