Q8 Rossini G 220

Food grade synthetic gear fluid

Oil Type

Food grade


Industrial maintenance


Q8 Rossini G 220 is a superior food grade synthetic gear fluid used in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Its carefully selected ingredients lead to exceptional lubrication, minimum volatility and extreme corrosion- and oxidation protection. Q8 Rossini G 220 contains unique components that are NSF approved (category H1). The fluid has an exceptional thermal and chemical stability.


Q8 Rossini G 220 is used in all types of gear drives and bearings in food, meat and poultry processing plants that require superior anti-wear and EP properties. Q8 Rossini G 220 is highly recommended in the pharmaceutical and food industry (beverage product or packaging).


Harmless to the environment

  • Safe to use in food industry
  • Doesn't contain hazardous components

Lower downtime and an improved maintenance efficiency

  • Superior synthetic oil
  • Outstanding anti-wear characteristics
  • Excellent mechanical stability
  • Outstandingly water repellent

Specifications & approvals


51517-3 CLP

All specifications

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