Outstanding safety and environmental credentials

Q8Oils continuously develops neat and soluble products with an advanced safety profile to stay step ahead of human, chemical and environmental legislation.

Innovative, sustainable and future proofed lubricants

Q8Oils’ metalworking fluids comply with the latest legislation in every region worldwide. Our products have been carefully designed with innovative raw materials to provide optimum bio-stability that meets all known future legislation.

Our Q8 Berlioz range is free from formaldehyde, chlorine (except Q8 Berlioz EPS) and secondary amines. The Q8 Brunel XF range is also free from boron and boric acid.

Why formaldehyde free?

Preservatives in metalworking fluids play a significant part in protecting workers from potentially harmful microbes. Many bactericides release small amounts of formaldehyde under specific conditions and are classed as formaldehyde releasing biocides. In 2015, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) reclassified formaldehyde as a category 1b H350 carcinogen and category 2 mutagen. Some formaldehyde-based biocides have also been classified as a category 1b H350 carcinogen and it is expected that all will be reclassified in future.

Although free from formaldehyde-based biocides, Q8 Berlioz and Q8 Brunel XF ranges provide optimum protection against microorganisms.

Why boron free?

The ECHA has classified formulations containing more than 5.5% boric acid as toxic to reproduction. Although under review by the ECHA, other borate substances and reaction products of boric acid are not within this scope and are commonly used in metalworking fluids, including Q8 Berlioz. However there are international variations and sometimes manufacturers need or prefer to use boron-free products such as those in our Q8 Brunel XF range.

Why secondary amine free?

Amines are derivatives of ammonia, where one or more hydrogen atoms have been replaced by a substituent such as an alkyl or aryl group. There are three categories of amines: primary (one hydrogen atom replaced), secondary (two replaced) and tertiary (all three replaced). Each category is commonly used in metalworking fluids to protect against corrosion and pH buffering.

Some regions restrict nitrosating agents and nitrosatable secondary amines to reduce the risk of N-nitrosamines, which form in the presence of nitrites. Nitrosamines are highly volatile and classed as a carcinogen (category 1 & 2) for the human body.

All Q8 Berlioz and Q8 Brunel XF products are totally free of secondary amines or secondary amine salts.

Why chlorine free?

Chlorinated paraffins (CPs) are complex mixtures of polychlorinated alkanes and are subdivided as short, medium or long carbon chains. They are historically used in metalworking fluids as extreme pressure additives which provide highly effective anti-wear properties. Short and medium chain CPs are already restricted owing to their bio accumulation and toxicity; some regions may also restrict long chain CPs in future.

All Q8Oils metalworking fluids are free from short and medium chain chlorinated paraffin. Long chain chlorinated paraffin is only used where it brings a specific benefit and is carefully chosen for minimum environmental impact with no known significant effects.

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Cost saving

Our fluids combine high lubricity with biological and chemical stability to increase sump life and retain tool sharpness, which means lower operating costs. Formulated with the most advanced additive technology, they are resistant to microbial contamination from bacteria and fungi, which extends fluid life and creates a healthier working environment.

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High performance and quality

Our Q8 Brunel and Q8 Berlioz ranges offer a solution for every modern machining application. These innovative products meet the ever-increasing demands of advanced materials, fast cutting speeds and high fluid pressures with exceptional stability and excellent wetting and detergency characteristics.