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Joris Leyers 14 June 2020 General Industry, Hydraulic Oils
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As the expectations of hydraulic systems are constantly increasing, Q8 Henry hydraulic oils are the perfect answer for the highest demanding hydraulic systems of both the past and the future.

Driven by a constant drive for more efficiency and better results, we see different trends that shape the future of fluid power. To keep up with the changing demands of the global market, future hydraulic systems need new high-demanding hydraulic fluids that offer durable protection to machine parts and reduce maintenance costs.

Fluid power trends

There are several trends that are shaping the requirements and performance of future hydraulic systems:

  • Modern hydraulic systems are getting constantly smaller, resulting in higher power densities.
  • Fluid residence times in reservoirs are shortening and oil flow rates are very high in relation to oil volumes.
  • Oil reservoirs often do not have the appropriate shape or size.
  • Higher temperatures and higher loads increase oil stress.
  • Hydraulic systems are required to work harder and longer, leading to increased oil pressure.Most OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) claim that these increasing demands are leading to more frequent problems in higher performance systems.

Q8 Henry: hydraulic fluid for high demanding hydraulic systems

To meet the stringent requirements of high demanding hydraulic systems, Q8Oils developed the Q8 Henry range.
These new high performing hydraulic fluids enhance wear protection of hydraulic pumps, actuators and servo valves, increasing system and production reliability and minimizing maintenance costs.

Q8 Henry uses high quality Group II base oils of the latest generation, offering thermal and oxidation stability. It results in an extended oil drain interval, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

Moreover, Q8 Henry guarantees trouble-free operation due to the unique combination of outstanding demulsibility, air release, hydrolytic stability and filterability characteristics.

Q8 Henry approved by Bosch Rexroth

According to Bosch Rexroth the hydraulic fluid is the common element for all hydraulic components and must be selected very carefully.

To ensure optimal quality and cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid, Bosch Rexroth launched the RDE 90235 standard for current and future demanding conditions.

Q8 Henry hydraulic fluid was extensively tested on Bosch Rexroth piston pumps and hydraulic motors, resulting in an official approval. Q8 Henry hydraulic fluids even exceeds the most rigorous hydraulic specifications including the stringent Bosch Rexroth RDE90235.


Q8 Henry is a range of hydraulic fluids that offer trouble-free operation and reduced total cost of ownership.
It is applicable for a wide range of industrial hydraulic systems used in paper and steel mills, cement and mining, plastic extrusion and injection, chemical processing and mobile hydraulic transmission systems (e.g. cranes and excavators).

It offers extreme performance and system efficiency for systems operating under high loads, high pressure and/or extreme temperature.

From our expert Joris Leyers

Joris is expert in Hydraulic Oils, Industrial Gear Oils, Greases, and Circulating Oils. He has knowlegde of the paper mill industry and an interest in vintage Vespa scooters. Joris has been working for Q8Oils since 2003.

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