How to increase productivity of your hydraulic- or gearbox system?

Joris Leyers 9 April 2019 General Industry, Complete maintenance range, Industrial Gear Oils

End-users of hydraulic- or gearbox high performance systems are doing everything they can to minimize downtime due to cleaning operations. At the same time they want to avoid cleaners that can possibly lead to health and safety issues. Q8Oils hydraulic and gearbox oils with built-in clean technology provide the solution!

Increasing performance expectations and ever more demanding environmental conditions are leading to more frequent problems in higher performance systems.

More problems in high performance systems

We see a number of trends that influence the fluid power market:

  • Hydraulic and gearbox systems are getting smaller, leading to higher power densities.
  • The fluid residence times in reservoirs are shortening which means oil flow rates are very high in relation to oil volumes.
  • Oil reservoirs are often not optimized in shape or size.
  • Higher temperature and higher loads increase oil stress.
  • There is a general increase in hydraulic oil pressures.

According to OEM’s, all these changing conditions are leading to more frequent problems in higher performance systems.

The n° 1 user demand: increased productivity

Capital intensive products need to operate at maximum performance in order to pay back the investment. It is the reason for customers to keep on searching for ways to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Avoid pressure loss in hydraulic systems
  • Prevent delayed hydraulic system response
  • Reduce downtime
  • Minimize component replacement, such as valves and bearings
  • Extend equipment life

A common problem in modern high pressure systems is the coating of machine parts with contaminants (deposits) and varnish. End users want to avoid downtime due to cleaning activities because it increases the cycle time to make a part, resulting in a loss of productivity. At the same time, they are looking for solutions that are safe and healthy.

Q8 cleaning solutions

Q8Oils has developed a cleaner technology for high performance hydraulic- and gearbox systems. The product is added to the existing equipment at concentrations of up to 20% according to the level of contamination.

The machine continues to operate and produce parts while at the same time the equipment is being cleaned. This drastically reduces downtime compared to manual cleaning methods.

When the cleaning is finished, the system must be drained and refilled with a fresh industrial gear oil or hydraulic oil with built-in clean technology:

  • Q8 Hogarth: a range of hydraulic oils with improved viscometric properties.
  • Q8 Galilei: a range of innovative synthetic gear oils with a perfect balance of anti-wear and extreme pressure additives.

These products with built-in clean technology enable less varnish build-up and a good thermal stability. They minimize downtime and increase system performance, productivity and eventually lead to more profit.

Benefits of Q8Oils cleaner technology:

  • Remove varnish build-up and sludge which decreases productivity.
  • Significantly reduce equipment downtime when compared to manual cleaning.
  • Help eliminate valve sticking due to the presence of varnish improving production.
  • Help reduce filter changes due to the presence of varnish.
  • Compatible with mineral based lubricants.
  • Help reduce health and safety concerns that may be present when using solvent based cleaners
  • Compatible with common seal materials.

From our expert Joris Leyers

Joris is expert in Hydraulic Oils, Industrial Gear Oils, Greases, and Circulating Oils. He has knowlegde of the paper mill industry and an interest in vintage Vespa scooters. Joris has been working for Q8Oils since 2003.

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