Q8 Hunt: a high quality sustainable hydraulic fluid

Joris Leyers 14 January 2022 General Industry, Hydraulic Oils
Q8 Hunt

Q8 Hunt and Q8 Hunt HV are new high quality sustainable hydraulic fluids suitable for a variety of industrial hydraulic applications. Thanks to the use of recycled and re-refined natural base material, these products allow a substantial CO2-reduction compared to traditional hydraulic fluids.

To help protect natural resources and significantly reduce the carbon footprint, Q8Oils has developed Q8 Hunt: a sustainable hydraulic fluid for a variety of hydraulic applications.

Q8 Hunt: High quality sustainable HVLP hydraulic fluid 

Thanks to the combination of high-quality purified base oils and carefully selected additives, Q8 Hunt meets the hydraulic industry standard DIN 51524-2 HLP. Q8 Hunt HV meets the hydraulic industry DIN 51524-3 HVLP.

Q8 Hunt & Q8 Hunt HV are used in a variety of industrial hydraulic applications. More specific Q8 Hunt HV can be also used in hydraulic systems operating in winter conditions and in mobile hydraulic systems such as cranes, excavators and other off-road equipment.

Recycled and re-refined natural base material

Q8 Hunt & Q8 Hunt HV are made of recycled and re-refined base oils. The re-refining process include collection of used oil and reuses it to produce new high-quality natural base material. Every produced ton of Q8 Hunt makes up for a CO2-reduction of 825kg compared to the production of traditional hydraulic fluids.

Q8 Hunt product review

The Q8 Hunt & HV series of sustainable hydraulic fluids consists of two products ranges

  • Q8 Hunt 32 – 46 for standard variety of general hydraulic applications.
  • Q8 Hunt HV 32 – 46 : for a wide range of industrial hydraulic applications operating in a broad temperature range.

Q8 Hunt & HV provides considerable advantages compared to traditional hydraulic fluids:

  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability for an extended product life time
  • Natural high viscosity index, providing a high hydraulic efficiency
  • Excellent anti-wear protection resulting in operational sustainability
  • High environmental sustainability thanks to the use of recycled and re-refined natural base material

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