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Q8 Mahler G1 SAE 30

High performance two-stroke gas engine oil

Oil Type

Gas engine oil

Available Packaging

208 L

208 L



Power generation

Power generation


Q8 Mahler G1 is recommended for two-stroke gas engines where low ash or ashless oils are recommended. Q8 Mahler G1 can also be used to lubricate reciprocating compressors in which natural gas is compressed and pressures do not exceed 10.000 kPa. Using Q8 Mahler G1 in both the gas engine and the gas compressor will simplify the lubricant inventory.


Two-stroke gas engines where low ash or ashless oils are recommended.


Enhanced technology

  • Maximal oil life due to to exceptional oxidative and thermal stability even at high temperatures

Enhanced technology

  • Exceptional lubricity properties providing low wear of engine components, significantly reducing maintenance costs


The original manufacturers recommendation regarding the selection of the ash level should always be followed

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