Engine protection

The Q8 Formula Truck range is developed to protect engines and reduce the downtime of your vehicles.

To protect and serve

When it comes to performance and maximising engine efficiency, The Q8 Formula Truck products are the best in class. Various field tests have proven that you can save up to 1,3 % (field test have proven more than 1,4% for Q8 Formula Truck 9000 vs a 15W40) on your fuel consumption by using the Q8 Formula Truck oils.

Our range of heavy duty oils does not only allow you to save on fuel costs, but also on maintenance costs. Thanks to the extended drain intervals your vehicles can drive more than the extra mile before coming in for a service. And vehicles that can stay longer on the road save money and boost your company’s productivity.

Durability and wear protection

The Q8 Formula Truck range is designed for the lubrication of latest Euro VI engines. Our products are tested under extreme high and low temperatures from -45˚ to +50˚ Celsius. Our customers benefit from:

reduced maintenance costs thanks to advanced protection against wear and oxidation
longer drain intervals
zero downtime due to climatic conditions


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Supporting Services

Our superior quality products are supported by the highest levels of after-sales and technical support.