Q8Oils: boroscope service
Engine inspection with the newest technology

The challenges of oil inspection

Your business thrives by the daily use of your gas engines. Minor failures, poor fuel quality, lack of optimum oil temperatures or even oil leaks can lead to undesirable loss of operation and loss of profitability. Therefore regular maintenance and accurate inspections are necessary to keep your business on track.

However, this can be a challenging effort since there are so many components that are barely reachable. Hence it is utterly critical that you are equipped with the right tools to execute inspections that collect reliable data.

Why are boroscopes used?

Boroscopes are optical instruments used for inspection work where the area to be inspected is inaccessible by other means. They allow users to look inside of machined parts and possibly spot internal defects that are not visible with the naked eye.

A boroscope is small enough to get inside small access areas like a screw hole that brings you inside the frame. Past years boroscopes have been crucial in the inspection of engines resulting in longer engine service life.

Boroscopes are used during the control of inaccessible inner surfaces in the production and exploitation phase or during the control of machine elements without dismantling the machine.

The Benefits

  • With the Q8Oils boroscopy service it is not necessary to dismantle the analysed engine into smaller parts. Or if necessary, only the parts that are concerned by a breakdown.
  • Reduces the time needed for identifying the current technical condition of the engine so there is less downtime.
  • The results allow for the early identification of any damage or malfunctions.
  • The boroscope offers clear high-quality images which provide us with the possibility to identify the smallest imperfections.
  • The images taken with the device can be stored and played many times for detailed analysis.
  • The device does not in any way influence the engine.

What Q8Oils offers you

Good knowledge of a given engine’s condition is a guarantor of preventing an erroneous diagnosis. Not only a high-quality boroscope, but also the ability to correctly operate with the device and interpret the obtained results, are important. Therefore we want to offer our customers a service that will meet and exceed all their needs.

  • Perform engine inspections using the newest boroscope technology.
  • Photograph critical engine component during inspection.
  • Report findings and give recommendations to your local employees for corrective action.
  • Compare findings with our knowledge database and review your data immediately.
  • Maintain a focus on safety and the environment.

Did you know?


Q8Oils’ performance evaluation test is an objective way to measure performance and results between different oils and brands. It gives our customers a perfect comparative view on the quality of the oils in terms of wear-protection, deposit tendency and overall engine cleanliness.