Technologically advanced rolling lubricants for ERW

Working closely with our customers, including leading ERW tube forming companies, Q8Research develops technologically advanced and environmentally friendly rolling lubricants to help manufacturers meet production and environmental targets.

We offer a range of soluble rolling oil emulsions for use during the ERW tube rolling  process which provide both cooling at the weld and lubrication during the formation of the tube.

Our lubricants are clean in use to protect both the tube and work rolls by flushing fines from surfaces to the filter system. They are also resistant to bacteria and tramp oil, which prolongs the life of the emulsion; TRGS 611 compliant and suitable for all types of water, from soft to very hard.

The Q8 Berlioz and Q8 Brunel ranges of semi-synthetic and full synthetic rolling oils include products free of boron and formaldehyde to meet the most stringent legislation.

Q8Oils can develop tailored lubricants to meet specific customer requirements. We also offer a range of supporting products for the ERW tube drawing process, including specialised anti-corrosion products, greases and plant maintenance lubricants.

All this is supported by technical services and advice from Q8Oils experts to help customers get the most out of our products.