Germ-Allcard Priamus X255

High performance multi-purpose wire drawing lubricant for copper and aluminium

Oil Type

Wire drawing fluids


Forming (Metalworking)


Priamus X255 is a highly detergent emulsifiable fluid designed for drawing all wire sizes, from rod to fine wire. The lubricity package extends the die life, minimizes wire breaks and increases productivity, while enhancing the surface finish. The careful balance of complex anionic emulsifiers enable a high detergency, ensuring the cleanliness required for fine wire sizes especially on multi-wire machines. With increased concentration, Priamus X255 provides the perfect lubricity needed for larger wire sizes up to rod sizes without compromising cleanliness.


Copper: Priamus X255 is suitable for drawing all wire sizes from rod to fine wire, on all types of wire drawing machines. It is especially suitable for both multi-wire and in-line drawing machines. Aluminium: Priamus X255 is successfully used for drawing aluminium alloys on slip machines with entry size of 9.5mm. Priamus X255 emulsions are fit for use in continuous annealers with a 1-2% concentration.


Please contact your Q8Oils representative for further advice and support on your specific application and equipment.

Health, safety & environment

Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for instructions regarding safe handling and environmental issues. Germ-Allcard Priamus X255 is biocide, boron and formaldehyde free. It is compliant with the TRGS 611 specification. This ensures environmental safety & operator health.

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