Q8 Bach RSA 818

High performance neat cold rolling fluid for stainless steel, copper and copper alloys

Oil Type

Rolling oils


Forming (Metalworking)


Q8 Bach RSA 818 is a high performance neat cold rolling fluid for ferrous metals, like stainless steel and copper. The extreme pressure additive level is increased versus Q8 Bach RSA 8, and makes this product an further improved solution for the manufacturing of metal strip, while reducing roll wear and improving surface finish. Q8 Bach RSA 818 offers excellent oxidation stability and anti-rust properties, ensuring outstanding lubrication and continuous protection. The product is specifically designed for high speed reversing mills, but suitable for all cold rolling mills.


Q8 Bach RSA 818 is designed for all types of high to low speed cold rolling mills of metal strip, like stainless steel, copper, high carbon steel, titanium, nickel and their alloys. It is typically applied in cluster type reversing mills where the bearings are also lubricated with the cold rolling fluid. The wide range of metals, cold rolling conditions and environmental requirements may create customer specific demands. Customization of the fluid composition is an approach to meet these needs and optimize performance.


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Health, safety & environment

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