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Q8 Galilei 320

Synthetic industrial gear oil recognized by Siemens Flender

Oil Type

Industrial gear oil

Available Packaging

20 L

208 L




Automotive assembly

Chemical industry



Metal industries maintenance

Mining & cement industry

Paper industry

Power generation

Textile industry

Wood industry

Industrial maintenance


Q8 Galilei 320 is a superior synthetic industrial gear oil that guarantees the highest level of gearbox protection as recognized by Siemens Flender. Q8 Galilei 320 is a high performing fluid that equals the Poly-Alpha Olefin products, without the actual use of PAO. Its characteristics improve energy efficiency in comparison with mineral and PAO-based oil. The lubricant is inherently biodegradable (49% in 28 days).


Q8 Galilei 320 is perfect for use in heavily industrial gearboxes operating in rough conditions such as wind turbines, paper and steel mills, cement and mining, plastic extrusion and injection, aerators and agitators. Q8 Galilei 320 provides a high gear protection level as urged by major OEMs such as Siemens Flender, Hansen Sumitomo, Moventas and Winergy.


Enhanced efficiency of operations, equipment and machines

Superior decrease of friction

Extremely appropriate for use in a wide range of temperatures

Extensive oil drain interval for a longer lubricant lifetime

Superior synthetic oil

Extremely resistant to ageing

Exceptional thermal durability

Minimizes downtime which leads to a higher maintenance efficiency

Highest level of protection (load stage 10) at 60°C and 90°C

Outstandingly recommended in extremely difficult and rough conditions

Long term stable fluid viscosity through excellent shear stability

Sustainability info

The product Carbon Footprint (PCF), cradle-to-gate (Q8Oils state of the art facility in Belgium), of Q8 Galilei 320 is 1.11 kg CO2eq / kg. Please contact Q8Oils to learn more about the positive environmental impact, the handprint, of this product. For more info check here

Specifications & approvals




51517-3 CLP

Hansen Sumitomo




12925-1 CKC-CKD


12925-1 CKE


Field trial

Siemens Flender

MD rev. 16.2


Field trial

Less specifications


Miscible and compatible with mineral and PAO and ester based gear oils.

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