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Q8 Hartmann 46

Zinc-based hydraulic oil with outstanding stick-slip performance

Oil Type

Hydraulic fluids

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Industrial maintenance

Industrial maintenance


Q8 Hartmann 46 is a zinc-based oil that has been developed to achieve an outstanding stick-slip performance. The oil guarantees limited friction and a smooth hydraulic operation. Q8 Hartmann 46 oil has an excellent oxidation stability which leads to a longer service life of the lubricant. It is fit for use in severe working conditions.


Q8 Hartmann 46 is applied in industrial equipment in rough conditions where limited friction is needed such as big hydraulic cylinders or actuators.


Improves the durability of the equipment thanks to its characteristics

Prevents sticking

Smooth operational properties

Outstanding reduction of air entrainment

Highly appropriate for applications under heavy conditions

Specifications & approvals

Bosch Rexroth

RE 90220 notes


51524-2 HLP

Eaton Brochure



11158 HM

Swedish Standard

SS 155434 AM

Less specifications

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