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Q8 Holbein Eco 46

Eco-friendly synthetic hydraulic fluid with high viscosity index

Oil Type

Hydraulic fluids

Available Packaging

20 L

60 L

208 L




Automotive assembly

Chemical industry



Metal industries maintenance

Mining & cement industry

Paper industry

Power generation

Textile industry

Wood industry

Industrial maintenance


Q8 Holbein ECO 46 is an exceptional eco-friendly synthetic lubricant with a high viscosity index. Thanks to its characteristics, it can be used in delicate areas and a wide range of temperatures. This lubricant is readily biodegradable >70 in 28 days. Q8 Holbein ECO is compatible with mineral and vegetable based lubricants.


Q8 Holbein Eco 46 is perfect for rough hydraulic systems in environmentally delicate areas such as agriculture, forestry, water works and marine.


Eco-friendly and limited impact on the environment

  • Readily biodegradable
  • Free of hazardous components
  • Zinc excluded technology

Minimizes downtime which leads to a higher maintenance efficiency

  • Exceptionally high viscosity index
  • Highly suitable for use in all seasons
  • Outstanding flow characteristics

Specifications & approvals

Bosch Rexroth

RE 90221 notes


51524-3 HVLP


15380 HEES


6743-4 HV

Less specifications


The energy efficiency is only valid when compared to Q8 standard hydraulic lubricants. The used technology has been tested under controlled circumstances. Improvements of the energy efficiency may vary based on applications and operating conditions.

Health, safety & environment

Hazard class for water (WGK) : nwg

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