Q8 Mahler G10 SAE 40

High performance stationary gas engine oil

Oil Type

Gas engine oil

Available Packaging

208 L





Power generation


Q8 Mahler G10 is a high performance gas engine oil, based on premium Group II (hydrotreated) base fluid. This product is designed as part of the Q8Oils clean technology program, which benefits from in-house developments and customized solutions. Q8 Mahler G series products meet the challenges of the latest generation (steel piston, high output and low emission) engines, ensuring clean engines in combination with extended drain performance.


Engine Lean-burn and stoichiometric four-stroke stationary gas engines, including high BMEP type. Operations Mild to severe conditions, including high pressure, high load and high temperature operations. Gas type Wide variety of gases, including natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas, mine gas and wood gas. Exceptional performance in applications using gas with high H2S content.


Own product development

  • In-house developed outstanding additive package in combination with a carefully chosen Group II base oil

Extended drain

  • Excellently balanced gas engine oil, providing outstanding engine cleanliness, low oil consumption with outstanding protection for the cylinder head valves and valve seats, significantly reducing the total operational costs

Engine performance

  • Outstanding resistance against pre-ignition and knocking ensuring high engine efficiency


The original manufacturers recommendation should be followed.

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