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Q8 Outboard Synt 2T

Synthetic leisure boat fluid

Oil Type

Engine oil

Available Packaging

1 L


Leisure boats


Q8 Outboard Synt 2T is an exceptional fully synthetic leisure boat lubricant based on carefully selected esters. The “clean burn” technology leads to clean combustion. The robust ashless Q8 Outboard Synt 2T provides extreme performance even in direct fuel injection systems. It has superior detergent and cleaning properties that result in a longer engine life and extreme wear protection.


Q8 Outboard Synt 2T has been designed to work at maximum power levels on sport and competition outboard engines and water scooters (PWC - Personal Water Craft). Q8 Outboard Synt 2T meets the NMMA TC-W3 specification and protects in particular the high power engines that operate for long periods at high levels of performance whether they are carburettors, or direct injection (DFI).


Excellent cylinder protection against scuffing wear.

Outstanding protection against spark plug fouling and pre-ignition.

Excellent protection against piston ring-sticking and varnish deposits.

Excellent exhaust system blockage reduction.

Excellent characteristics for year around use in all climates.

Specifications & approvals



Less specifications


It is advisable to adopt a concentration that complies with the requirements of the engine manufacturer.

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