Q8 Verdi 5 - Q8Oils

Q8 Verdi 5

Multi-purpose circulating oil

Oil Type

Circulating oil

Available Packaging

208 L


Automotive assembly

Chemical industry



Metal industries maintenance

Metalworking complementary

Mining & cement industry

Paper industry

Power generation

Textile industry

Wood industry

Industrial maintenance


Q8 Verdi 5 is an advanced multi-purpose circulating oil with a long service life. It has a high chemical and thermal stability and protects against rust and corrosion. Q8 Verdi 5 has optimum lubricating characteristics and water resistant properties.


Q8 Verdi 5 is used in hydro turbines, pumps, valves and other applications that require a long service life. It is applied in a variety of industrial systems that don’t need anti-wear performance. Q8 Verdi 5 is highly recommended for plain and rolling bearings, vacuum pumps, hydraulic pumps and air compressor applications.


Extensive lubricant applications so limited products needed

Highly suitable for a wide range of application

Extends service life time thus minimal costs and maximal efficiency

Outstanding oxidation stability

Optimum anti-corrosion characteristics

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