Lower operational costs

Increase productivity, limit downtime and avoid maintenance shutdown by getting expert lubricant advice from Q8Oils resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

Business case: Belgian Steel industrial

Q8Oils has years of experience in reducing operational costs in the steel industry. What better example than a real life business case that speaks for itself.

A Belgian steel industrial requested an oil change for more than 20 warm oil baths and cold rolling oils representing more than 250.000 litres with following 3 goals:

  • secure continuous production (without overhaul or maintenance shut down)
  • increase service level: oil analysis monitoring ; advice
  • secured supply

Secure continuous production

In a first phase a technical analysis needed to be conducted to check the feasibility of the project. Q8Oils advised a lubricant that would surpass the current quality and in line with OEM. The compatibility was profoundly checked for both the lubricant in use as the replacement lubricant.

There was no need for a full replacement of the lubricants. Instead there was a gradual replacement of the old oil by the fresh one, called top-up. This would enable the customer to spread the cost over time instead of a full investment.

It was necessary to increase the applied product quality by increased water demulsibility. This would have a positive effect on oil regeneration (water-oil separation). In addition the reserve tank would be available sooner and it would increase operational safety.

Increase service level

Q8Oils has a dedicated group, consisting of a key account manager, members of the customer service and Palub (technical service group). The service includes but is not limited to:

  • Routine oil analysis according to customer specifications. Follow up and advice by technical service group.
  • Detailed oil analysis if required.
  • Advice and support on lubricating applications; new and tailor made product development.

Secure supply level

In agreement with the customer a strategic safety stock at our supply hub is maintained.

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