Longer Lubricant lifetime

Q8Oils has developed special greases for applications in harsh conditions : extreme high and low temperature, high potential of water or steam contaminations, high bearing loads.

Q8 Rubens PMS

Q8 Rubens PMS range are greases based on lithium complex and synthetic PAO base oil, specially engineered for heavily loaded plain and roller bearings operating under severe conditions used in the lubrication of paper machines in dry-end section or in steel mill work roll bearings.

Q8 Redon PTFE

Q8 Redon PTFE: is a high performance full PTFE/PFPE grease especially suitable for applications in aggressive environments and at elevated temperatures till 260°C. Thanks to its special thickener system and base oil the product is chemically inert and very resistant for long life time lubricants.

Q8 Rodin EP

Q8 Rodin EP range is premium quality calcium sulphonate complex thickened grease which extend the life time of bearings running in rough conditions like:

  • Continuous casting machines ,
  • Work roll bearing in steel industry ,
  • Wet and dry rolls in paper industry,
  • Off highway applications like asphalt equipment,
  • Spherical roller bearings operating up to 140°C.

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