Lower operational costs

Save time and money thanks to the innovative Q8Oils Lube Shuttle grease cartridges.

Lube Shuttle

Q8Oils offers the innovative Lube Shuttle grease cartridges to save time and money.

Time savings: the Q8Oils Lube Shuttle cartridge is easy to use; Unscrew the cap, screw in the cartridge and grease. The grease level and product name are visible at all times and can be checked at a glance. If the grease cartridge is empty, then unscrew it in no time at all and pop a new cartridge into the gun. No additional tools needed and no dirty hands.

You save money because all the lube in the Lube Shuttle cartridge is used, as there is no physical contact between the pump and the grease and the vacuum system ensures that almost no grease remains in the cartridge. You save two full Lube Shuttle cartridges per box of 24, compared with standard grease cartridges.

At a glance:

  • No dirty hands.
  • Fast, easy and light-weight. In a single move.
  • Optimum use of all the lubricant in the cartridge.
  • Volume can be checked at a glance.
  • 800 bar operating pressure.

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