Lower operational costs

Q8Oils offers a range of hydraulic oils with improved viscometric properties to ensure a trouble-free operation, minimizing downtime and eventually leading to more profit.

Q8 Cleaning Solutions

End-users of hydraulic high performance systems are doing everything they can to minimize downtime due to cleaning operations. At the same time they want to avoid cleaners that can possibly lead to health and safety issues. Q8Oils hydraulic oils with built-in clean technology provide the solution!

Q8Oils has developed a cleaner technology for high performance hydraulic systems. The product is added to the existing equipment at concentrations of up to 20% according to the level of contamination. The machine continues to operate and produce parts while at the same time the equipment is being cleaned. This drastically reduces downtime compared to manual cleaning methods.

When the cleaning is finished, the system must be drained and refilled with a fresh industrial hydraulic oil with built-in clean technology. Q8 Hogarth is a product range of hydraulic oils with improved viscometric properties. These products with built-in clean technology enable less varnish build-up and a good thermal stability. They minimize downtime and increase system performance, productivity and eventually lead to more profit.

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Energy Efficiency

Q8Oils offers a range of products with stable viscosity, meaning they can operate in low and high temperatures. This results in the savings of energy.

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