Energy efficiency

Q8Oils offers a range of products with stable viscosity, meaning they can operate in low and high temperatures. This results in clear energy savings.

Save energy

For hydraulic installations which operate under low and high operating temperatures, hydraulic oils with a high viscosity indexes are recommended. Hydraulic oils with a stable high VI (Viscosity Improver) can stand higher mechanical stress and therefore have a longer endurance, without the danger of exceeding the minimum required viscosity. These type of hydraulic oils can generate energy savings, due to their ability to operate in the optimum viscosity range.

Q8 Holbein HP SE BIO 46

The superior Q8 Holbein HP SE Bio 46 is a synthetic saturated ester based lubricant that provides proven energy-efficiency and a long service lifetime. This lubricant is readily biodegradable.

Q8 Hogarth 46

The superior synthetic and zinc-based Q8 Hogarth 46 is perfect for usage in all seasons. Thanks to its characteristics, this oil is extremely energy efficient.

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Q8Oils offers a range of hydraulic oils with improved viscometric properties to ensure a trouble-free operation.

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