Germ-Allcard PRIAMUS X7

Optimum performance multi-purpose wire drawing lubricant for copper

Oil Type

Wire drawing fluids


Forming (Metalworking)


Priamus X7 is the best choice for the rod breakdown of bare copper. This semi-synthetic biostable fluid can also be used for the drawing of intermediate wire sizes. The emulsion lifetime is very good and the resistance to tramp oil leaks ensures cost-effective operations.


Copper: Priamus X7 is suitable for drawing all wire sizes from rod to fine wire on all types of drawing machines. It is also suitable for both multi-wire and in-line drawing machines. Priamus X7 emulsions are fit for use in continuous annealers with a 1-2% concentration.


Please contact your Q8Oils representative for further advice and support on your specific application and equipment.

Health, safety & environment

Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for instructions regarding safe handling and environmental issues. Germ-Allcard Priamus X7 is biocide, boron and formaldehyde free. It is compliant with the TRGS 611 specification. This ensures environmental safety & operator health.

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