Germ-Allcard WIROL 2020

Extreme performance wire drawing lubricant for intermediate, fine and superfine wire

Oil Type

Wire drawing fluids


Forming (Metalworking)


Wirol 2020 is a full synthetic, extreme clean water soluble drawing lubricant with a very high lubricity. It is is specially developed for drawing intermediate, fine and super fine wire sizes of plain copper, tinned copper, precious metals and harder metals like nickel and silver plated copper wires. Wirol 2020 uses the latest technology additives with inverse solubility to provide extreme pressure characteristics. Together with its superior cleanliness, this results in a superior die life.


Wirol 2020 can be applied in all wire drawing applications, both single and multi-wire. It is especially recommended for the tandem in-line drawing or rolling for enamelling. Further specialised applications include the drawing of nickel- & silver plated copper wires, as well as the drawing of precious metals.


Please contact your Q8Oils representative for further advice and support on your specific application and equipment.

Health, safety & environment

Please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet for instructions regarding safe handling and environmental issues. Germ-Allcard Wirol 2020 is boron and formaldehyde free. It is compliant with the TRGS 611 specification. This ensures environmental safety & operator health.

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