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Q8 Bernoulli S 280

Superior synthetic high temperature chain oil

Oil Type

High temperature chain oil

Available Packaging

20 L

208 L


Automotive assembly

Chemical industry

Metal industries maintenance

Textile industry

Wood industry

Industrial maintenance


Q8 Bernoulli S 280 is a superior synthetic high temperature chain oil that meets the extreme demands of the chipboard industry. Its formulation offers the highest level of protection, productivity and reliability. Q8 Benoulli S 280 is odourless, has no hard carbon build-up and very low evaporation losses. The exceptional additive technology results in regeneration effects.


Q8 Bernoulli S 280 is used in continuous presses for manufacturing of particle and fibre wood boards in the chipboard industry and for lubrication of conveyor systems operating at maximum of 260°C. It is applied in friction points such as chain carpets, steel belts and roller bars. Q8 Bernoulli S 280 meets and exceeds the requirements of manufacturers such as Siempelkamp and Dieffenbacher.


Q8 Bernoulli S oils are silicone free. For other HTCO applications, we suggest the other viscosities in the Bernoulli S range (54, 140 and 220).

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