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Q8 Brake Fluid DOT 4+

Q8 Brake Fluid DOT 4+ for hydraulic brake and clutch systems.

Oil Type

Brake fluid

Available Packaging

20 L

250 mL



On-road transport


Passenger cars


Q8 Brake Fluid DOT 4+ is an exceptional hydraulic fluid for brake and clutch systems. It has a high boiling point of min. 260°C that widely exceeds the requirements for DOT 4 brake fluids. Q8 Brake Fluid DOT 4+ offers superior lubricity, extreme protection against corrosion and is miscible with DOT 3 and DOT 5.1 brake fluids. It reduces friction and provides exceptional wear protection.


Q8 Brake Fluid DOT 4+ is used in hydraulic brake and clutch systems in passenger cars, cargo, vans and busses. It is also suited for construction equipment provided with gaskets of natural or synthetic rubber.


Outstanding vehicle safety due to the very high boiling point/low vapor pressure providing anti-vapor lock characteristics.

Outstanding lubricity causes limited wear.

Excellent quick brake response at high and low temperatures.

Outstanding stable fluid characteristics.

Outstanding system metal corrosion protection.

Specifications & approvals


116 DOT 3


116 DOT 4


J 1703


J 1704

Less specifications


It is recommended to replace the brake fluid according to the manufacturer's instructions or at least every two years.

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