Q8 da Vinci Bio 5

Biodegradable synthetic demoulding fluid with superior surface finishing

Oil Type

Demoulding oil

Available Packaging

20 L

208 L



Mining & cement industry

Industrial maintenance



Q8 da Vinci Bio 5 is a superior demoulding oil with anti-rust inhibitors and is readily biodegradable (87% in 28 days). The reactive layer in this easily applicable oil creates a layer between concrete and mould and contains additives for a clean demoulding. Q8Oils claims that Q8 da Vinci provides an exceptional smooth concrete surface finish and a staining free clean mould.


Q8 da Vinci Bio 5 is used for immediate concrete demoulding of on-site elements such as floors, stairs and balconies. Q8 da Vinci Bio 5 is biodegradable and suited for use in environmentally sensitive areas. It is applied in steel and plywood moulds.


Increased quality of the manufactured product

  • Exceptional smooth surface
  • Prevents sticking
  • Light colour
  • Optimum anti-corrosion characteristics

Eco-friendly and limited impact on the environment

  • Readily biodegradable
  • Free of hazardous components
  • Neutral in odor


Q8 da Vinci range should be applied evenly and sparingly by low-pressure spray or brush onto a dry surface, ideally immediately after stripping. A second coat may be necessary when used on new timber or untreated wood.

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